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About PPG Optical

About PPG’s Optical Monomers and Coatings Business

Our overriding philosophy is a worldwide focus on total quality combined with technological leadership.

PPG is a leading producer of optical grade monomers and coatings used in the manufacture of ophthalmic lenses.  With more than 70 years of experience engineering and producing optical monomers and coatings, we are uniquely positioned as a leader in the ophthalmic lens industry.

Our extensive line of optical monomers includes PPG CR-39® plastic lens material, PPG TRIVEX® impact-resistant eyeglass lens material and PPG TRIBRID® 1.60 high-index lens material.  

Developed by PPG in 1945, CR-39 monomer was the first plastic resin to be used in the manufacture of ophthalmic lenses and continues to be the leading lens substrate in the world.  Trivex lens material provides the unique combination of optical quality, lightweight comfort, strength and protection. Tribrid 1.60 high-index lens material is a revolutionary lens technology that combines the best lens properties to provide patients with enhanced all-around performance for their stronger prescription requirements.

Our PPG HI-GARD® lens coating solution provides a durable, scratch-resistant coating on ophthalmic lenses made from plastic lens materials. The optical quality of plastic lenses is maintained, and lenses coated with Hi-Gard lens coating are four to six times more abrasion-resistant than uncoated lenses.