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Optical Coatings

Hi-Gard coatings

PPG HI-GARD® Scratch-Resistant Coatings



PPG HI-GARD® lens coating solutions offer multiple options to provide added protection to today’s optical materials. PPG Hi-Gard lens coating solutions provide a durable, scratch-resistant coating on ophthalmic lenses made from plastic materials. The optical quality of plastic lenses is maintained, and lenses coated with Hi-Gard lens coating are four to six times more scratch-     resistant than uncoated lenses. Hi-Gard lens coatings are easy to process and can be used with standard dip and spin coating.

Hi-Gard lens coatings are available in multiple index options, as well as corresponding primer coatings, to match and enhance the overall durability and protection of the lens substrate.  Key features include,    
  • Chemical resistance – resistant to acetone, isopropyl alcohol and other commonly used eyeglass cleaners. 
  • Scratch resistance – exhibit lower haze gain after abrasion testing.
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