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Optical Materials

CR-39 monomer

PPG CR-39® Monomer for High-Quality Plastic Lenses



Because of our long history, we are a leader in the development and production of optical monomers and coatings. It all starts with our proprietary PPG CR-39® lens monomer.  There is only one CR-39 monomer, and it only comes from PPG.

For more than seven decades, lens wearers have relied on our 1.5 index lens material, PPG CR-39 monomer, for outstanding optical quality and durability.


Our proprietary PPG CR-39 allyl-diglycol-carbonate (ADC) monomer combines the optics of glass with the durability of a thermoset material. The benefits are clear. Lenses made from PPG CR-39 monomer are scratch- resistant, lightweight, have less chromatic aberration than polycarbonate lenses, and stand up to heat and household chemicals and cleaning products. 

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PPG CR-39 plastic lens material